What Is Marketing, Definition, Functions, Types, and Task

What is marketing? Definition, Functions, Types, and Duties – Marketing is a series of processes carried out to market products or introduce products to the public in various ways, so that these products can be of interest to many people.

Marketing is an important element of a company, through marketing activities, products can reach consumers in various ways or strategies.

That’s why marketing has an important role. Here is the definition of marketing according to experts, so that we understand about marketing.

Definition of Marketing

Keep in mind that marketing is different from sales. Broadly speaking, it can be seen that marketing is an effort to familiarize a product from a company to consumers.

Marketing ensures that the products being marketed do not make consumers feel disturbed by various marketing methods.

However, what does marketing really mean? Here is the meaning of marketing according to world marketing experts.

Marketing According to Experts

According to Pihil Kotler

According to Pihil Kotler, marketing is a social process which is carried out by individuals or groups to fulfill needs and wants through the creation, exchange of goods and values ​​between producers and consumers.

According to Bartles

According to Bartles, marketing is the process by which people meet their needs and develop a distribution system consisting of actors who interact in a technical (economic), ethical (social) manner, to create transactions and consumption.

According to Peter Ducker

According to Peter Ducker, marketing is not just selling, marketing covers the entire business from the point of view of the end result, i.e. from the customer’s point of view, which is concerned with caring and social responsibility from all fields.

According to Antoine Didienne

According to Antoine Didienne, marketing is basically an outward communication, in promoting the goals of a company. Marketing is a process where companies accelerate profits by means of communication (advertising, marketing, sales, etc.), into a department to be more efficient in achieving overall company goals.

Marketing Function

Marketing has several functions, namely intermediary functions, physical distribution functions and exchange functions, the following is an explanation of the functions of marketing.

Here are some marketing functions that you need to know if you want to get into marketing work.

Intermediary function

Marketing as an intermediary function, namely as an intermediary from the producer of the product to the consumer, includes meeting the needs and desires of consumers, exchanging goods from producers and money from consumers, or an exchange of products with products for their own use or resale.

Physical distribution function

Marketing as a physical distribution function, namely marketing is done by transporting and then storing the product where the product will be used to meet consumer needs through different distribution methods.

Exchange function

Marketing as an exchange function here is the way in which marketing will continue the transaction, namely consumers buy products from producers by exchanging money or goods.

Marketing Tasks

The many marketing functions above have an impact on having to think about the right marketing strategy when marketing a particular product.

In addition to marketing has an important function in a company, as for the task of marketing in a company, namely:

Marketing as product research and development

Marketing functions as an absorber of various types of information and provides the public with anything that is profitable to support the quality and sales of products produced by a company.

Marketing as a price fixer

The next marketing task is to set prices. Therefore, marketing must be able to check and determine the appropriate or equivalent price between product quality and market price.

This is important so that the product has a price that is in accordance with the specified target consumer so that consumers do not have to think long about buying the product.

Marketing as sales

The main marketing task is to generate revenue for the company by selling the products produced by the company.

It is an art as marketing, how do people believe and be interested in the products you offer so that people buy the products you offer.

Marketing as promotion

The point here is that marketing functions in introducing and providing knowledge of the company and the products it produces in various ways so that the wider community can be known and interested in buying it.

Marketing provides the best service

Marketing must be friendly in serving consumers, so consumers will feel satisfied when buying the products you offer and have the potential to make repeat orders on the same product or different products.

Types of Marketing

There are many types of marketing, marketing is divided into various types based on the target market, marketing techniques, and tools used.

This type of marketing determines how the marketing strategy will be executed. Please see below for more detailed types of marketing.

Based on target market

Each company must have its own target market, this greatly affects the marketing strategy to achieve its goals.

Before making a product, a company needs to know its target market.

Marketing based on the target market can be divided into several types, namely:

  1. Business to Business (B2B), which is a company’s marketing technique that targets other companies as its target market, usually the products presented are in the form of services or products that advance the business.
  2. Business to Customer (B2C), which is a company’s marketing technique that targets general consumers. Usually in the form of daily consumption products or consumer needs in general.
  3. Customer to Customer (C2C), namely marketing techniques carried out by a consumer to another consumer. An example is a consumer who uses a certain product and becomes a reseller of that product.
  4. Business to Government (B2G), which is a marketing technique of a company related to government agencies, usually products in the form of services related to these agencies.

Based on marketing techniques

Based on marketing techniques, marketing can be divided into several types, this technique is usually used by a company for the execution of marketing matters.

Here are the types of marketing based on their marketing techniques.

  1. Word of Mouth, which is a marketing technique that uses oral communication between people as a medium for transferring information to products.
  2. Affiliate Marketing, which is a marketing technique where it requires other people who want to follow or deal directly with a business, usually this marketing technique will reward people who have succeeded in bringing consumers into the business.
  3. Guerrilla Marketing, which is an unconventional marketing technique, usually this technique is carried out in unexpected locations.
  4. Database Marketing, which is a marketing technique using a customer database or potential customers if a business has been ongoing for a certain period of time. This technique is done to reach customers who have visited before and try to communicate back personally to promote a product or service.

Based on the tools used

To do marketing of a product, of course you need a media/tool ​​to send information about the products you are selling.

Based on the tools used, marketing is divided into several things, namely:

  1. Telemarketing, a direct marketing method using the telephone, where we need to gather a number of potential customers to offer products or services via telephone.
  2. Digital Marketing, a marketing method using the digital world as a promotional channel to reach consumers, for example television, social media, websites, and the internet.
  3. Direct Marketing, a direct marketing method in the form of brochures or catalogs and promoted by distributing them to the streets.

This is an article about the meaning of marketing, its functions, tasks, and types.

Hopefully useful for those of you who want to understand more about the world of marketing. Don’t forget to share with your friends if this article is useful, and don’t forget to read other useful articles on our site.

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