What is Leadership, Goals, Benefits & How to improve Leadership

What is Leadership, Goals, Benefits & How to Improve Leadership – This is the most important thing you can learn.

The attitude of a leader or leader is needed especially if you want to build a company.

Do you know what leadership means? We want to discuss starting from the meaning of leadership, the attitude of a leader, its benefits, to how you build your leadership qualities.

Definition of Leadership

In general, leadership is a management function to direct, motivate and supervise others so that they complete the tasks that have been planned in order to achieve the goals and objectives as planned.

The success or failure of the plan is determined by the leadership that leads. Many meanings of leadership are quoted by experts, We will summarize some for you, among others.

Leadership According to Davis

Leadership is the ability to invite others to achieve goals that have been determined by the group.

Leadership According to Kartono

Leadership is a distinctive character, including to take on certain situations.

When a group is carrying out certain activities and has various goals, the leader of the group with leadership characteristics is a function of the particular situation.

Leadership According to William G. Scott

Leadership is a process to influence an activity held in a certain group to achieve the planned goals.

Leadership According to Hemhill and Coon

Leadership is the attitude of individuals who can lead various activities in a group to be achieved together.

Elements of Leadership

According to Wahjosumdjo, leadership consists of the following elements.

Have Leadership

The leader is the main element of a leadership that drives and influences a person or a group so that a profitable working relationship will be created and can achieve certain goals.

Have Followers

If someone leads, there must be something being led, namely a group that gets influence so that they are willing to carry out certain activities and achieve the goals that have been set.

Have Certain Traits or Behaviors

Leaders must have certain traits or behaviors that can be used to influence a person or group of people.

Have Certain Situations and Conditions

With certain situations and conditions, it allows someone to become a leader.

These situations and conditions can be divided into two types. The first is the internal situation and conditions. Second, the external situation and condition, which is the overall environment.

It can be concluded that leadership must have followers, goals, and activities that can influence a person or group of people to achieve certain goals.

Leadership Function

Leaders have the aim of delivering, classifying, giving instructions, educating, guiding, so that their subordinates follow in the footsteps of the leader so that they can achieve organizational goals which can only be implemented if a leader carries out his function properly.

The functions of leadership functions are as follows.


The leader has a planning function in which a leader must make plans for the group and for himself as the person in charge of the organization. Planning includes these two things:

  • Unwritten plans. This plan is used in the short term, in emergencies and continuous activities.
  • Written planning. Written planning is used to determine the activities carried out for the long term and determine what procedures are needed.

Looking Ahead

Leaders are required to have forward-looking functions. Which means, leaders must be able to encourage what will happen and be aware of various possibilities.

This is a guarantee that the work process in the intended direction is not hampered by something detrimental.

Loyalty Development

Not only followers, leaders also have to maintain loyalty or loyalty.

A leader must set an example in thought, words, and behavior that shows that the leader never denies.


Obstacles can be found with supervision, which can then be solved so that all activities will resume according to a predetermined plan.


Leaders must have the courage to make decisions.

Many leaders delay making decisions so that plans that should run smoothly will be hampered because leaders are afraid to make decisions.

There are many decision-making methods that can be done, including individually, in groups, councils, commissions, written proposals and so on.

According to Nawawi, operationally the leadership functions can be divided into five. The following are the main functions of leadership.

1. Instructive function

This function is one-way communication. The leader functions as a decision maker who can then order his subordinates to carry out the order.

2. Consultative Function

This function is a two-way communication. Leaders need consideration and require leaders to communicate with the people they lead to make these decisions.

3. Participation Function

This function embodies the implementation of effective human relations between leaders and their subordinates.

Leaders also enable the people they activate to participate in decision making.

4. Delegate Function

This function is carried out by giving the delegation of authority in making decisions, either through approval or without approval from the leader.

5. Control Function

Successful leadership is a leader who can control the activities of his members in a directed manner and in effective coordination.

Leadership Benefits

We have explained various functions that have benefits for leadership.

Now you will understand, what are the benefits of leadership? What’s the point for us? Here are the benefits of leadership that we have summarized.

  • It’s easy to build a solid team. With a leader and a target that must be completed by the team, the target will be resolved without any obstacles with the leader’s decision.
  • The function of leadership is very influential in overcoming differences in character.
  • Required proper analysis and calculation which is the trait possessed by a leader.
  • Leadership makes it easy for the organization to determine the future direction and can make decisions for the group.

How to Improve Leadership Skills

Because leadership is something that is very important, you must understand or learn how to improve your leadership skills.

Here are some things you should do so you can improve your leadership skills.

Practice for Discipline

Discipline is an obligation that must be grown since childhood. Of course this is useful for improving your leadership skills.

People will judge your credibility by the discipline you show at work.

Learn from Others

One way to improve leadership skills is to learn from other people who are leaders in your company.

Learn how leaders work, how the attitude and nature of your leader in your workplace.

Define Goal

With the existence of a strong goal of the individual, is one step to grow the nature of leadership.

Setting realistic benchmarks and determining the right plan will guide you to grow the process of improving your leadership skills.

That is information about leadership that we can summarize, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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