What is Entrepreneurship, Examples and Characteristics

What is Entrepreneur, Examples and Complete Characteristics – Since the last few years, in Indonesia there is a very developed knowledge that is called entrepreneurship or also called entrepreneurship.

Being a science, entrepreneurship is the time needed to change the mental attitude and conventional mindset of society to be more advanced in the future.

What is Entrepreneur?

This term began to be widely discussed in the 1970s, namely at the beginning the Indonesian nation was seriously rebuilding its national economy in stages.

For more depth, then below will be explained in detail. The more complete explanation is as follows.

Definition of Entrepreneur

If interpreted linguistically, then entrepreneur or enterpriser is the result of a combination of two words, namely Wira and private. Wira means brave, while private means independent.

Thus, if it is related to the business world, it can be concluded that this enterpriser means setting up his own business.

Being an enterpriser, of course, is one of the professions that many people are interested in.

Because this job is a job that has relatively many advantages compared to other professions.

One example is because you will be the boss or the owner of the business, so you can run this business to be more flexible in managing your time because you can manage it as you wish.

Understanding Entrepreneurs According to Experts

The meaning of the word entrepreneur according to some experts is as follows.

1. Suhadi (1985) states that the enterpriser contains a number of characteristics, such as believing in one’s own abilities, having a broad view and having a strong and agile mentality in doing business.

2. Suryo (1986) says that an enterpriser is a person who has an independent nature, has a distant view, is creative, innovative, tough and dares to take risks in managing businesses and activities that will bring profits.

3. Djatmiko for giving his opinion on the definition of enterprise, which is a human action that can and is able to coordinate natural, energy, human and equipment resources into economic goods and services.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

The following are the characteristics of an entrepreneur, namely:

1. Have a Clear Vision

A vision in a business is like a goal to be achieved. Indirectly, this vision will provide encouragement to keep trying to achieve it.

The enterpriser as a business leader is certainly very obliged to have a clear vision and far-sighted view as the target to be addressed in his struggle to achieve success in business.

This vision will usually emerge from an ideal or a simple idea that must be realized into reality.

Of course, to achieve this vision is not easy because there must be a very long and complicated process that requires hard work, smart thinking, being able to face challenges, struggling with risks and so on.

2. Can See, Analyze And Take Advantage Of Any Small Opportunity

An entrepreneur will usually be able to see all the opportunities that exist. Even the unseen opportunities could be seen by him. So that the opportunity is then used for profit.

This opportunity has always been the main target of enterprisers because with this opportunity an enterpriser can run his business by creating a market or filling the market.

3. Trying To Always Be Fast And Right In Making Decisions

In general, an enterpriser has the speed and accuracy in making a decision. But even so, the decisions taken are the right decisions and are able to make and generate profits in the future.

4. Have a Competence Spirit

Someone who becomes an entrepreneur must of course realize that there are also many parties who run a business similar to him, which means you have a lot of competitors out there.

Therefore, you as an enterpriser must be sensitive to these conditions and of course must be able to compete by always keeping the best products for customers in order to maintain the continuity of the business being run.

However, even though they are competing in providing the best service to customers, an entrepreneur must not compete or compete outside the boundaries of business ethics.

5. Must Have Courage in Accepting Challenges Even though Full of Risks

In running a business, of course every decision will carry a shadow of risk that might be fatal.

However, even though there are risks that lurk, an enterpriser must be able to face them consciously and with full responsibility.

Because the final result of this challenge and decision there are only 2, namely loss or profit. While this loss is the consequence of a risk that must be faced.

6. Always Oriented To Customer Satisfaction

It is undeniable that an enterprise will get money or income from consumers who have purchased the goods or services offered.

Therefore, in order for the money or profits to continue to flow, an entrepreneur must maintain customer satisfaction so that customers do not run away from competitors.

Of course, if customers run away or choose competitors to buy their services or products, then gradually your business will lose money and end up bankrupt.

This is of course what you should consider if you really want to grow your business. Because customer satisfaction must be prioritized.

7. Always Strive For His Business To Advance

A good enterprise will of course always think about how to be able to advance and grow the business it manages.

Because the bigger the business that is managed, of course, the greater the profits and the ability to make significant changes to their lives and the wider community.

8. Always Creative and Innovative

Entrepreneurs must of course be able to always be creative and innovative in order to be able to defend their business from the existing competition.

Because if an enterprise is not always looking for ways and developing ideas, then its business may be swallowed up by the earth and lost to competitors.

Because basically, an enterprise must always be creative, innovative and even become an imitator in order to be able to provide ideas and new ideas and combinations in order to advance their business.

Without ideas and ideas and creativity, the business may be out of date and consumers will not use the products it sells.

Types of Entrepreneurs

The types of entrepreneurs based on the type of expertise and sources of income that you should know are as follows.


Infopreneurs are people who can earn money by selling the information offered, namely data of expertise, knowledge and certain information.

In general, to become an Infopreneur, you must be able to organize, organize, simplify, teach and so on.

An infopreneur will be able to turn his ideas, experiences and knowledge into money. For example, the author of a book and so on


This type is one of the traditional entrepreneurs who are able to create a business by selling heavy and hard objects.

Autopreneur’s usual skills are analyzing, seeing hidden values ​​and investing. These autopreneurs can try to get an automatic stream of income without having to work again.

For example, entrepreneurs will get business profits, people who save can get interest from banks, investors can get dividends, interest and appreciation and so on.


This exrapreneur will try to be a creative person and entertain a lot of people to be able to make a profit.

For example, a songwriter will get royalties from the songs he creates, an actor will get a share of acting, inventors will get royalties and much more.


An intrapreneur as a type of entrepreneur in a company not only works as an employee, but also has skills like a consultant who can influence, teach and lead.

In addition, an intrapreneur can also be a sales person on a commission basis or can even become a shareholder in a company.

An intrapreneur likes companies or team play, this is an ideal choice including becoming an insurance agent to get residual business, securities agent to get residual sales, becoming a network marketer to earn residual commissions and becoming a corporate manager to get stock options.

The types of entrepreneurs based on their actions that you should know are as follows.

Innovating Entrepreneur

This one enterprise usually involves people who have an aggressive nature in conducting various kinds of trials. In addition, these people usually also want to take advantage of various possibilities that can be put into practice.

Entrepreneurial Initiative

The people involved in this type of enterprise are people who have the nature of initiative to be able to take advantage of the innovations they have found before.

Fabian Entrepreneur

As the name implies, people who are involved in this type of entrepreneur are people who have an attitude that is similar to a phobia. Which means that they are more careful and have an attitude that tends to be hesitant in running their business.

So that in the end they will imitate an innovation that is considered good and has shown certain advantages.

Done Entrepreneur

In this type of entrepreneurship, the perpetrators will not take advantage of an opportunity to be able to change the production pattern even though it has a much lower cost than before.

In general, this entrepreneur is more likely to take advantage of the potential and the possibility that this potential can be an innovation. This innovation certainly requires effective encouragement to be able to obtain maximum results.

Entrepreneur Example

The examples of this enterprise are as follows.

1. Selling Services

Currently there are many types of services that can be offered, both online and offline. Examples include laundry services, car wash services, article writing services, video editing services, image editing services, product endorsement services and so on

2. Selling Items

Sometimes an enterprise also conducts business activities or sells goods to consumers.

Examples of such commercial businesses include selling food products, selling medicines, selling household products, selling clothes, selling electronics, furniture and so on.

Thus some information about entrepreneurs or enterprises. Some of the explanations above are enough to be capital for you to be able to start to become a successful enterprise in the future.

But of course when you think about becoming an enterprise, you can do it as much as possible and must be able to continue to learn in order to be able to develop your business.

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