A course management system (CMS) is software specifically designed to create, distribute and manage the delivery of educational content.
The LMS can be hosted as a standalone product on the company’s server or it can be a cloud-based platform.

  • Productive;
  • Economical and, most importantly, traceable.
  • Upload learning content;
  • Give classes to students;

Send notifications and share data with authorized users.
An LMS usually operates within a web browser, behind a secure login process.
This gives all students and instructors easy access to courses on the go, while administrators and leaders can monitor student progress and make improvements.

What does and CMS do?
In most cases, organizations use an CMS system to facilitate access to learning materials ranging from written materials and presentations to videos and interactive lessons.

The LMS must be able to:
Provide learning experiences that are tailored to individual learners;
Make it easy for instructors to make notes and changes;
Ensuring instructors and students the opportunity to collaborate online;
Integrate common tools such as calendars, word processors and more;

The modern learning management system often has built-in tools and resources that help administrators develop lessons, activities, and course assessments.  Administrators can assign new user credentials and schedule course completion. They can also track student progress with reporting features.

A good CMS helps make learning interesting by engaging students so that they take a more active role in their own development.
Therefore, the CMS must be simple to access and use to encourage students to participate. Platform design should be user-friendly in appearance and functionality – based on user requirements.

CMS benefits
Using a learning management system can provide many benefits to your organization and students, see below.
For businesses Reduce training costs;
Reduce training/integration time;
Maintain unified work standards between partners and contractors;
Create individual learning plans;
Measure the effectiveness of training;